Two Sunflower founders, Vickie and Rich, with the goat that lived at Sunflower in the 1980's.

Sunflower Co-op has provided affordable, cooperative housing to Austinites since 1980.

Sunflower is one of the oldest, continuously operating, independent co-ops in Austin. It was founded in September of 1980 by a group who envisioned establishing a small, vegetarian, independent co-operative. Founding members came from Prahna House, a student co-op on the UT campus (the predecesor of today's "House of Commons").

Over the past years, hundreds of Austinites have called Sunflower home. The care and contribution of those members have allowed Sunflower to grow into the mature, well-established co-op it is today.

In 2017, an initiative to digitize, preserve, and publicly display Sunflower's history began. Co-op member Laura Aavang led the charge by scanning photos, documents, and notes – i.e. the “Sunflower Archives – and creating a website to house them.

It is our hope that past, present, and future members may enjoy browsing – and reminiscing over – these special memories. Moreover, we enthusiastically welcome any members who wish to aid our record-keeping by sharing their Sunflower experiences / knowledge. Check out the many ways to help!

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